Go Inside Gram Girl Renée Bargh's Home Closet—and Find Out Her Secrets to Looking Effortlessly Chic

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Introducing Gram Girls, a new InStyle video series featuring fun, intimate close-ups with Instagram’s most stylish personalities.

You’ve seen their selfies—now ride along on a tour of their homes, closets, neighborhood haunts, and favorite shops.

In our first episode of the series, presented by Vera Bradley, host Jen George goes on a closet dive and boutique run with Renée Bargh, the Australian-bred, Emmy-winning TV host who personifies easy L.A. glam.

Find out her career secrets, red carpet tips—and why she always looks like she’s having a ball, whether she’s on camera or at the beach.

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Then stay tuned for future episodes, as Gram Girls goes behind the selfies and gets up close with some of our favorite social stars.


Today we're heading to the home of Renee Bargh. She's a two time Emmy Award winning host for Extra TV and she's also known for wearing all the hottest new designers. Let's go say hello shall we? [MUSIC] Hi. Hi May, how are you? I'm good, how are you? I'm good. Good to see you. Welcome. Thank you. This is so cute. Thank you. My god it's so cute. This is good, it's getting there. I love it. Thank you can I get you a drink. Yes please. Coconut's okay? Yes. My god that's amazing. Cheers. So how did you get into this industry? How did you start hosting? What's the whole back story? Okay the back story is I got signed to Sony Music with a girl group. It was in the failed girl band. Wait a minute. Yeah. It was called girl band. Girl band. Now, that's creative. Yeah, really creative. I don't know why we didn't take off. After the whole girl group thing fell apart I was like I was booking a lot of commercials through an agent that I had, and so they kept saying, you should be on TV, so I thought, okay, I'm gonna be an actress, but I was terrible. I couldn't act, and I realized I'm a really bad liar, which also makes me a bad actor. Not saying that all actors are good at lying, but it's kinda your job, right? Right, but also, I mean, you should be very proud of yourself, because you've won two Emmys. Our show's won two Emmys. Since I've been on it, which is yeah, really cool. How would you describe your style? I like to be comfortable. For me, it's all comfort. Even when I'm working red carpets, 90% of the time I'll have sneakers or flat shoes on with my dress. Really? Yeah. My biggest fear is being overdressed. What? Yeah, I get really stressed to go to a party. I would rather be in sweats when everyone else is In a ball gown than the other way around. Because when I show up and I'm like everyone's in jeans and I'm in a dress I am so embarrassed. Really? Yeah. Why? I get uncomfortable. I don't like looking like I tried. Less is more. You want to be effortless. Yes. And so I feel like we should see your closet. We can try. We can definitely wade through the piles of clothes and see what we can find. Let's give it our best effort. [MUSIC] Let me, okay, I"m just gonna go for it. Okay, go for it. You sit. I'm gonna pull out some stuff, okay. What is this? This is actually my favorite Favorite Australian designer [INAUDIBLE] Alice McCall. This is so fun. I Have to see you in this. Yeah, okay. [LAUGH] It's so 70s. Obsessed. And the little vintage Stetson hat. I mean, why not? A little feather, yeah. There you go. Cute, love it. This was such a good find. I found this at opening ceremony Me on Melrose? American. Yehey. I told you and it's Letterman. You don't get much more American than that. No, that's true. You know, that something we don't. Wait, you don't have leather jackets in Australia? No. What? And here of course, your denim obsession. So, loved this. Yes, Levi's did for me. I love it. I think I probably have about 30 denim jackets. [MUSIC] Okay, so what are some of your favorite stores? I love Reformation, I love The Local, which is a new Australian store with really cool denim and basics. And I love Inia Beam. She's a girlfriend of mine from Sweden, she just has really cool style. Amazing boots, jeans, t-shirts. Little bit of everything? Jackets, bags, everything, yeah. Do you want to take me shopping? Let's go, let's do it. [MUSIC] I love Anine Bing because she has the coolest style, and she basically just designs what she would wanna wear. Which is what I wanna wear and it's really cool off duty looks. And it's basically a one stop shop. You can get an entire outfit here like that. Okay, so I feel like you should pick an outfit. Whatever you pick, I will put on. Just dress me. It's [INAUDIBLE]. This is so fun. Do something good. [INAUDIBLE] Barbie dolls. Who likes Barbie dolls? [LAUGH] Well, I think you should try on this, because I have this skirt, and I'm obsessed with it. I love it. The color's beautiful. I love the suede. This is, like, very in. Great look, I'm going to pick one for you. Ok. I'm going right here. Hit me! Of course you're going for that one, that is so cute. It's so good. I don't know if I can pull it off, but I'm down to try. Yes, you can. [UNKNOWN] I love this on you. You do? Yes. I'm a pretty gangster. You look so cool. [INAUDIBLE] I feel really cool. [MUSIC] Here comes the bride. Look at you. This one's fun. And 'cuz it's, you know. I love a good twelve. Me too. How did we end up in the same outfit? [LAUGH] Like Bip and Bop. So cute. So, fun, I know. How cute tassels. I love this. [MUSIC] All right. Perfect. Cute. Okay. It's so fun. [BLANK_AUDIO]
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