Gilmore Girls Star Yanic Truesdale on Reprising His Role as Michel Gerard


With just four weeks to go until the Gilmore Girls reboot hits Netflix, the countdown for our return to Stars Hollow is officially on.

The newly-released trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life has already given us a few clues about what our favorite characters are up to—Rory is jobless, Lorelai is still contemplating her relationship with Luke, Emily is “decluttering” her life following Richard’s death, and Kirk is at Friday night dinner for some reason—the two-and-a-half-minute clip gave us very little insight as to what’s new for the show’s snarkiest character, Michel Gerard. While we did get a brief glimpse at The Dragonfly Inn’s grumpy French concierge in the trailer, we’re anxious to learn what Michel has been up to over the last eight years—and nobody was more excited to find that out than the man who plays him, Yanic Truesdale.

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The Canadian actor recently stopped by InStyle’s New York City HQ to chat all things Gilmore Girls, and he told us that Michel is exactly where he expected him to be at this point in life. Because much about the four-part series still remains heavily under wraps, Truesdale couldn’t reveal too much in terms of where we’ll find his character when the show returns on Nov. 25. But he did dish on Michel's best one-liners, the co-stars he kept in touch with over the years (including the late Edward Herrmann, who played Richard Gilmore), and whether or not those buzzed-about final four words of the Amy Sherman-Palladino-created series live up to the hype. Press play on the video above to hear Truesdale dish on reprising his role as Michel.


[MUSIC] Hi everybody, it's Yanic Truesdale. I play Michel on Gilmore Girls and you may have heard that the show is coming back on Netflix. And the opening day is November 25th, I hope you watch, and I hope you'll like it. [MUSIC] Surprise and not surprise, because for years we've heard that we might do a movie, we might do Do some specials. So it wasn't completely unexpected but yet I became very giggly and excited about the idea of going back to that universe and saying hi again to my fellow Michelle. [MUSIC] I mean it was very natural for me to stay in touch with Lauren and Melissa because all of my scenes were always with them. So those are my closest friends on the show, but I would see Kelly Bishop from time to time and Ed when he was around. And now we miss him very much. [MUSIC] First day back on the set, the best way to describe the vibe, it was like a high school reunion. It was like meeting people that you've met when you were much younger. Much, much, much younger,.People that you really love, people that were part in time of your life that really matter. Because, let's face it, Gilmore Girls changed a lot of our lives. And everyone that was involved, it was an important moment to them. So we were very, very happy to reconnect. [MUSIC] It's so hard to talk about it without revealing anything, but a lot has happened for him. You will find out a lot about his love life, and he has big events in his life coming up. [LAUGH] And it will all come together when he comes out, I promise. You'll be like, that's what he meant. [MUSIC] It's very funny because we went to the ATX Festival in Austin like two summers ago actually. And it was the first time we were all seen eachother, and we had a panel And people asked us where do you think your character is right now, and I said something that is kind of in the scriptish. [MUSIC] Yes, the one liners are as good as usual, if not better, and it's really nice to go back to a character that you've done when you were younger with Having the perspective now and knowing how the character impacted the public and the show impacted the public. It adds a layer to it. Very enjoyable to say those lines eight years later. [MUSIC] One that stayed with me is where, there was an elderly lady who asked me, where were the best antiques? And Michelle's response was, at your house I'd guess. And I though it was so inappropriate, but yet so funny. [MUSIC] I didn't spend that much time thinking what those four words were when I read them. I didn't know how to feel about it because I didn't, I didn't expect what I read. That was typical Amy. I'll say that. Typical Amy. But it made sense to me.
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