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Is This the World’s Most Beautiful New Bar?

Is This the World’s Most Beautiful New Bar?
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Le Sirenuse, the grand dame on the Amalfi, has long been known as one of the world’s most drop-dead gorgeous hotels, with its open-air restaurant overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea and 60 sumptuous, whitewashed rooms in an 18th-century, poppy red villa. But now there’s another way to experience the seaside retreat, whether you’re checking in or sailing through the region: Franco’s Bar, named for owner Antonio Sersale’s late father.

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Built atop a former car park adjacent to the resort, the space is every bit as stylish as you’ve come to expect, themed with colors of the Mediterranean—pearl-white floors, royal blue patterned accent pillows—save for a dramatic, ceramic fountain in canary yellow that spans an entire wall. Other unexpected touches include string curtains made from antique glass beads and a graffiti-esque mural featuring Dada-inspired poetry by Sweden’s Karl Holmqvist (the messages are described by the artist as a mash up of Jay-Z and Jenny Holzer).

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As for what’s on the menu? No food—except for simple nibbles like olives and chips. This is a place for impeccably curated beverages, like a list of Bavarian wheat beers, Hemingway martinis, or (of course) champagne by the glass. Positano demands its bubbly, after all.

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