Found It! Hilary Swank's On-Set Skin Saver

Found It! Hilary Swank's On-Set Skin Saver
Marc Piasecki/WireImage; Courtesy Photo
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Bright special effects lights and heavy makeup can take a toll on an actress's complexion, which is why Hilary Swank protects her skin with 3LAB's M Cream! The star loves the protein-rich moisturizer so much, she requested it on the set of an upcoming film. "I love using the M Cream on Hilary. The texture is silky and makeup glides beautifully on top," her makeup artist, Vivian Baker, told "After a full day of filming in extreme conditions, her skin is still hydrated and bright, and I rest knowing it's filled with the most advanced ingredients." And even if starring in a Hollywood blockbuster isn't on your agenda, the innovative plant stem cell formula diminishes signs of aging, leaving you ready for your high definition close-up. Pick up the cream for yourself for $260 at

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