Face Oils For Oily Skin? Trust Us, These Work!

Face Oils For Oily Skin? Trust Us, These Work!
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If you’re prone to greasy skin, just the sight of a face oil might send you running for the nearest towelette. But before you turn your back on the category, hear us out: If you apply a face oil over a consistent period of time, your skin may downregulate some of its own oil production, says dermatologist Melanie Palm. “The key is to start slow and choose a lighter formulation.” Dr. Palm suggests starting out with an application every other day for one week; then graduate to applying daily.

As for formulation, Dr. Palm suggests her oily-skinned patients avoid oils that bill themselves as extra hydrating, as "they'll likely contain more emollient ingredients that may prompt oil production,” she says. Instead, opt for products with these natural oils:

Grapeseed Chock full of antioxidants, this oil “calms inflammation” and has been linked to decreased oil gland activity, says Dr. Palm.

Tea Tree If you’re both oil- and acne-prone, you’ve met your match in tea tree oil. “It has anti-acne properties and does not clog pores or encourage sebum production,” she says.

Peppermint This fragrant oil isn’t just for aromatherapy—it acts as a "mild astringent" and aides in controlling natural oil production on the face.

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