EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: InStyle's Cover Girl Selena Gomez On Mermaids, Pickles and Her Favorite Way to Hang Out With Friends


InStyle’s June issue featuring Selena Gomez on the cover can now be yours! The mag is on newsstand and available for download starting today, so make sure you grab a copy ASAP. To get you amped for the issue, check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes video Selena taped on the set of her photo shoot. Like the issue, she doesn't hold anything back, including her uncensored thoughts on friends, food, and more. Her guilty pleasure? "All fattening food!" she says in the video. "I love chips. Chips and pickles usually together, so that qualifies as one snack for me, that is definitely my favorite." Click the video above to get the full scoop, and be sure to read her full interview and see more photos by picking up the June issue or downloading it on your iPad, Nook, or Droid tablet.

Click to see Selena’s InStyle cover and read five things she told us in her cover story!

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[MUSIC] My favorite thing to do with my friends is go to the beach, or watch movies at their house, super low-key. The last movie we watched was Little Mermaid. And that's because one of my friends, her name is Charity and she has bright red hair, so we we thought it would be appropriate to her new bright hair that she dyed, so we watched Little Mermaid. Its just kind of our moment to be with each other. Everybody, all my friends are always working, or traveling, so I have, when I get to be with them we just like to be super low key and have our own dance parties and stuff. My favorite thing to dance to, and my friends actually, because they've been a big part of me making my album with me actually in a way. Well, it'd probably be, at the moment, Slow Down, which is a song I did with The Cataracts. And it was such a fun dance song. And it makes all my friends just wanna move and have a good time and probably that one. But, it changes everyday so. My whole album's really dancey. The secret to, to a long lasting friendship for me is honesty. I mean, I think in any relationship it's the, the key thing. I'm super honest with my friends. If something's bothering me. I have to tell them or vice versa. I love, I just like being open with all my friends and not having to worry about them hurting my feelings or ya know, I just want us to always be open and making me laugh. I have really fun friends that make me laugh and we make each other laugh. My guilty pleasure is all food to be honest, all fattening food. I love chips. Chips and pickles, those are, usually together, so that qualifies as one snack for me, so, that definitely is my favorite. For my 21st birthday, I'm definitely doing a party. My friends would kill me if I didn't. I really don't actually, I don't celebrate my birthday usually. I have a nice dinner but this is, I figure 21 should be fun for a birthday so I'll probably have a big birthday party. [MUSIC]
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