Exclusive! Get All the Details on Kelly Rowland's Makeup Line, and Her TV Show Chasing Destiny

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All the independent women excited about Kelly Rowland's makeup line, throw your hands up at us. Back in March, the star announced that she had a beauty range in the works, specifically formulated to flatter women of color, and recently, InStyle Fashion and Beauty Editor-at-Large Kahlana Barfield Brown sat down with Rowland to find out all about the upcoming line. "I just always felt like there's a void for us as chocolate girls, and we just wanted to make sure we had a product where the girls were like, 'oh my god you have to get such and such,'" the star says in the video above. "I did my makeup today, and that's what really made me feel like the line could be possible." Although it's still in the works, Rowland did reveal the name of the line—FACE, an acronym for "For All Created Equal."

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The singer also spoke to Barfield Brown about how she is continuing the legacy of Destiny's Child with her new BET show Chasing Destiny, which focuses on Rowland's search for the next big girl group. "I feel like it showcases empowerment and comraderie for women to come together and work together and make money together," she says. The girl group renaissance is upon us, and we have a pretty strong feeling that Rowland will be the one to kick off the movement. Click play on the video above to watch Barfield Brown's interview with the star, and catch Chasing Destiny on BET every Tuesday at 10 PM EST.


[MUSIC] Okay so, Kelly, "Chasing Destiny" is your new show on B-E-T, and it's about finding a new girl group. Yes. So tell me how you came up with the idea. Well, one, I just felt like it was a void in the marketplace. Your place. I mean there are so many girl groups that happened in the nineties, even the two thousand era and I just felt like it was a void in the market place. And I wanted to see more girl groups. I feel like it showcases empowerment and comradery for women to come together and work together. And you. Make market again. Like it's so empowering and I feel like a new generation has to see that. It's cool to watch and we talked to different networks about it. They thought a sound like another making a band type show. I was like, this is not what this is. This is not what this is at all. As a matter of fact, they even start the show like one of my first sentences is I want. Stars, and I don't want reality stars. Mm-hm. Because there is a difference. You want somebody that has great talent and they're excited and they have a voice and they have something to share. And I just wanted that to come across so it's super authentic. So doing the show, has it made you miss your Any child days being Beyonce, being with Michelle. Are you like some parts of it, like my god. I kinda miss that. Yeah, but it's really cool because I talked to them about the show. They met the ladies, you know what I mean. And they're just like this is so cool. I can't wait until you put together the groove, so. Right. Amazing. I also want to ask you. I know that... In there future, there will be a makeup line, which you'll be working with your makeup artist, Sheika. Tell me how that came about and what's going on. It will be for every woman, but I just always feel like there's Just a void for us as chocolate girls, and we just wanted to make sure that we had a product where the girls were like my God you have to get such and such and it's just it's still in the works but we just wanna make sure that everyone feels like they can wake up in the morning and feel beautiful. I did my make up today And that's what made me really feel like the line could be possible. Right, like someone could do it at home by themselves. Yes, yes. My gosh. We call the line Face- Amazing! But it's actually For All Created Equal, but it's an acronym of course. But we're We're so excited about it. It's in the works. It's in the process. I promise. I promise. I promise we have a [UNKNOWN] [CROSSTALK] And I promise I'm going to be the first person [LAUGH] wearing all the makeup, because I've been looking for makeup specifically for us, chocolate girls. Yes. Yes! We need it. It's hard! It is so hard. It's either orange, or yellow, or green, Exactly. pink. It's never the perfect match. It's never the perfect match. Or you'll have to layer. Yes, So it's going to be nice that something is actually going to be formulated specifically made for us by women With our skin color. Yes. Cuz I think that that's important. It is really- Cuz you really- Important. Understand it. Absolutely. Yeah. [MUSIC]
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