Eva Longoria Wears an Itsy Bitsy String Bikini, Shows Off Curves on Greek Vacation


Eva Longoria seems to be in love with Greece, and we honestly can't blame her.

The actress took to the water in Mykonos, Greece, on Thursday while on vacation with her husband José Bastón, and she practically glowed in a black and olive-gray string bikini.


Hanging by the water wasn't the only thing on her agenda, though. Longoria spent the last week running around Greece, playing water sports, shopping, and even dancing. On Sunday, Longoria posted a hilarious video of herself grooving on a boat, and her joy is totally infectious.


Being photo bombed by Sean Elliott! Hahahaha 🇬🇷

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Sadly vacation time had to end Sunday, but Longoria is grateful for the trip. "Thank you to the beautiful country of Greece for an amazing sunset every night of our vacation!" she wrote on Instagram. "Until next time!"

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It sure looks like she had a stellar vacation. Can we come next time, Eva?


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