Eva Longoria Dons Yet Another Tiny Bikini in Spain

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How many bikini changes can one physically manage in a week? If you’re living by Eva Longoria’s standards, about a billion—or, you know, four. Exaggeration aside, the actress has sure looked to be enjoying life on the beaches of Spain this week.

After making enviable bikini-clad appearances on the shores of Marbella and Ibiza, Longoria celebrated the weekend's end in Majorca—but she didn’t mess with the beach this time: girl went straight for that #YachtLyfe.

After taking a dip in the Mediterranean, the Desperate Housewives alum showered off on deck in a patterned blue string bikini (shop a similar look here).

Johan S/MPH/Splash News

Longoria’s husband, José Bastón, has noticeably been traveling alongside his wife, but as it turns out their party is greater than just the two of them.

The actress posted a Boomerang on Monday featuring Prison Break actor Amaury Nolasco. “My brother @amaurynolasco is the bomb! :bomb: Love traveling the world with you! #Family#Brother #Spain #Vacation,” Longoria captioned her video.

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We’ll be there in a sec, Eva—just grabbing a swimsuit!


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