WATCH: Erykah Badu Looks Back at Her Wildest Fashion Moments


Erykah Badu has never been one to shy away from a statement-making accessory—especially when it's on her head. Whether it be a head wrap, a top hat, or a bedazzled crown, the soul singer's sartorial choices were calculated decisions, often emblematic of specific period in her life.

"They're all crowns of some sort," she recently told InStyle on a visit to our offices in downtown New York City. "It feels natural to me." Probably because, when it comes to style—and, let's face it, everything else—she's a total queen.

Here, watch Badu wax philosophical about her illustrious history on the red carpet, from her Rasta-inspired gown at the 1998 Soul Train Awards to her glittering Givenchy hat at the 2014 Met Gala.


[MUSIC] [UNKNOWN] look at the Met Gala. Ricardo Tichi designed this jumper. All that glitters is gold was the theme that year. So there was a A beautiful, white shift coat, I think, a straight coat, with the rhinestones on it. Then there were these really beautiful, elaborate rhinestone earrings. BET honors. I am a girl from Texas and one of my favorite go-tos is my overalls. Back before they was popular Saw war. You know because, I can wear them through pregnancy, on the road, anywhere. Working in the yard, just hanging around the house, just doing, don't even have to put a bra on. Coupled with some gold accessories, had my fro picked out that day. Then I had some Masai bracelets on that are very dear to me, everything has a meaning. Llalopalusa 2016. The Yellow mohawk was in full effect then. I had blow-dried my natural hair and had a triple process done to it where it was the color yellow Then my shoes those were YSL Couture black patent leather booties and a hat yellow bottoms instead of red bottoms Tonight Show with Jay Leno, in 2004. Now, my grandmother did not approve of this. When this came on TV, she was, where are your clothes? Well, I was pregnant and very proud of it. I wore a top hat, not this one, but another top hat that I'd bought. And I coupled it with a kimono, and I just put a little Rasta belt around it, just kinda cinched it So my belly could like kinda stick out because my belly was hot. 1998 The Lady of Soul award. I hosted that award show. It was a really great year for me and the red, green, and gold ice skinned gold rusted dress was made Ashaka Givens and I had on some camel boots So it was kinda like a strong political statement I was making. [MUSIC]
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