Emma Roberts Is a True Belieber—and She Wears Her Fandom Across Her Chest


We learned two key pieces of information about Emma Roberts today:

1. She shops at Forever 21.

And 2. She’s a major Justin Bieber fan.

Last August, the fast-fashion brand collaborated with the Biebs to create a line of affordable merch inspired by his Purpose tour. One of these items was a black muscle tee bearing the truest words ever written: “JUSTIN FOREVER.”

Roberts proudly wore that tee on the streets of West Hollywood this week, pairing the statement piece with black leggings, matching fur slides (shop a similar look here), and a small leather shoulder bag.


The actress wore little makeup on her casual outing and pulled her dark locks into a messy ponytail.

We don’t know about you, but the 26-year-old’s bold J.Bieb-loving style has us wishing that shirt would come in an Emma version.

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Hey, www.InStyle dot com. It's Emma Roberts. I love you guys. The most important part of my award night prep probably. Well, it doesn't really start at the award night. It starts weeks before with getting into a routine of washing my face. And I do it twice daily with the oil-free acne wash in pink grapefruit. Because it fights unseen acne. Which is something I didn't even know about until Neutrogena told me, which is that acne actually starts under your skin weeks before you see a pimple, so I get into a routine because I think you have to do that as opposed to just treating it when it comes up, you kind of have to always be maintaining it and always be you know, keeping up with that. I do a bit of both. Sometimes my look is decided weeks in advance, and sometimes it's literally the day of and I'm still deciding between two dresses. And as far as hair and makeup goes, I usually leave it up to my hair and makeup people, I'm not someone that can really imagine that kind of stuff, so I'm always like whatever you guys think. I'm more about the outfit. My summer skin care routine is mainly all about sunscreen. I'm all about SPF cause, as you can see, I'm very pale. And I just embrace it by putting on a ton of sunscreen. And I like the Clear Skin Sunscreen because sometimes sunscreen can make you feel kind of like eh, not great and that really is so light. And, you, I know it's not gonna break me out. I usually pick out my dress first and then everything else kinda falls into place. But I've been known to kinda pull images for hair and makeup and be like, I really wanna do this. So, let's try to incorporate this. And lately I've been wanting to try like a really dramatic cat eye. So I think that I'm gonna try to incorporate that on my next red carpet look. The most fun part of getting ready is probably when you have your whole hair and makeup team there, and your friends. I usually have a bunch of girlfriends over and we'll like have champagne before and kind of watch t.v. together and hang out. So that's definitely the best part. The most stressful is probably just. You know, weeks before when you're trying to find a dress and trying to get your look together. And that's always stressful because you wanna be true to yourself, but you also wanna try something different maybe. So it's always a lot of conflicting emotions about how your look's gonna look. The American Horror Story fans are pretty much the best fans. I mean, just the fan art I get, like on Instagram and Twitter, is always so insane and so amazing. And. I was just recently at Comic Con and it was so cool to just see everyone the panel and meet everyone and people were dressed like some of the characters and quoting it and, and it's just so cool to be a part of something that has really like stuck with people and, and I love it. I mean my favorite show is Girls, so I love Lena Dunham, I love all the girls on that show and I just, I never get sick of watching it.
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