Emily Ratajkowski's Italian Vacation Makes Us Want to Pull a Freaky Friday

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Ah, what we’d give to trade places with Emily Ratajkowski … Girl’s young, famous, looks crazy good in a bikini/most things, and, the crème de la crème: she’s ALWAYS ON VACATION.

As loyal followers of EmRata’s Instagram feed, we can’t help but notice that girlfriend’s been posting a constant stream of FOMO-inducing vacay pics for the past month.

After crashing the ongoing party that is Cannes Film Festival, Ratajkowski jetted off to, well, Texas—but shortly after she was Italy-bound.

The model-cum-actress appears to be shooting on location for her upcoming thriller Welcome Home, which IMDB says is set in the “Italian countryside.” Not too shabby for a work trip…

While our lives may not be quite as charmed as Ratajkowski’s, her Instagram feed allows us to feel almost as though we’re abroad with her …

… Showing off our assets.



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… Stocking up on pasta.


"Everything you see I owe to spaghetti" -Sofia Loren

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… Brunching like a royal.


… Boozin’ in various locales and states of dress.


Dolce vita

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Did I die and go to heaven?

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Life is good.


Hey, Laura Brown? Hey! What are you doing here? [LAUGH] I wanna do your make-up. >. If you do it. Yeah. Could you do this? [MUSIC] All right, so I'm gonna get started. Yay, it's a match! I fear you. Don't fear me. I do. I'm a [BLEEP] genius. You're a bossy person. I know but, all right. That would be a little bright. Wow. Those are things that are so exciting. You know what I wanna look like? What? Sexy virgin. [MUSIC] You actually have great eyebrows, so. I do, look at, look at, I'm sorry. [LAUGH] Ow. Look at those brows. [MUSIC] I need my eyebrows. Okay, close your freaking eyes, okay? I think I'm entering a dream right now. This is actually so fun. Wow, this is interesting. [LAUGH] [LAUGH] This just took a very interesting turn. I'm not totally confident in this but. I don't really know what's on top. What did you do to this. The light is on that side. Is this side really good? Now we'll have a little highlight on this beautiful cheek bones. The opera. Yeah, I don't want you to look like [UNKNOWN]. I want people to be like, who did your makeup. And you can be like- Emily Radacowski. Let me do the other side. [MUSIC] You have a great eyebrow pencil. Who does your eyebrow- Laura Mercier. Wow. You know why she's cool? Why? 'Cause her name's Laura. I'm sorry, I don't know how to do your eyebrows. It's actually kind of hard. Life is hard. Eyebrows are harder. [SOUND] I feel like I actually did a Good job. [BLANK_AUDIO] So I just think I'll stay here all day until your off and then I'll just come to your house with you and then pretty much never leave. Jesus Christ. My god, do you have wine? Well if I have to deal with you everyday. Cheers, you look beautiful. Makeup by Amada. [MUSIC] So I just want to do like one more touch of something on your My special [UNKNOWN]. [MUSIC] Not so pretty. [MUSIC] [LAUGH] My god.
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