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Olivia Bahou
Feb 07, 2016 @ 7:15 pm

If there’s one thing we know about model and actress Emily Ratajkowski, it’s that she’s confident. She has no qualms about baring it all on camera or turning down a movie role for a character with no personality. So what’s her trick for doing her best on the day of a big shoot? Trust.

“You have to let go of any nervousness you feel. You’ve got to feel confident and trusting of yourself and your abilities,” she told InStyle. In fact, her preparation, from her mental toughness to her physical training, is a lot like how athletes prepare for a big game like the Super Bowl. You have to “kind of take whatever plays that day [throws at you],” she said.

Ratajkowski has some football experience: she just played as the star bouquet catcher in Buick’s first-ever Super Bowl ad, alongside Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr.

Courtesy Buick

So what’s her favorite part of game day? The food! In order to host an Super Bowl party, the actress's advice is to "have lots of good beer, maybe some good barbeque. Keep it all American.” And when it comes to snacks, Ratajkowski is all about that salty and sweet combination, and popcorn is a must.

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But this year, the model won’t have to worry about hosting, and she has some tips on how to pull off game day style. When she attended the chilly Super Bowl in New York two years ago, she donned jeans, boots and a warm jacket. But for this year’s game at Levi's Stadium in the California weather, she's wearing “something a little more festive.” But whether you’re standing in a stadium or around the snack table, “being comfortable is a good thing.”

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