Emily Ratajkowski and Amy Schumer Are Headed to the Silver Screen Together


It’s only natural that two of the boldest and most empowered women in entertainment are finally coming together. According to Deadline, Emily Ratajkowski has officially signed on to join Amy Schumer in her latest flick, I Feel Pretty.

Though the film’s title already piqued our curiosity, its plot is the interesting part. Set to begin filming next month in Boston (enjoy that vaca, Emily), the movie centers around Schumer’s character, a woman dealing with insecurity issues until, voilà, she falls and awakens with a newfound confidence that perhaps won’t last ‘til the movie credits role. Ratajkowski’s role has yet to be confirmed, but something tells us these two former InStyle cover girls are bound to make on-screen magic happen.

Most recently, Schumer made headlines alongside Goldie Hawn in Snatched, while Ratajkowski has starred in buzzy films like Gone Girl and We Are Your Friends.

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We’re keeping an eye on these two.


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