Emily Ratajkowski’s Abs Look Even Hotter Than Usual in This $38 Crop Top


Emily Ratajkowski’s abs need no introduction: The 26-year-old and her ab crack are famous worldwide, thanks to EmRata’s Instagram account. Her midriff looks particularly impressive while dressed in tiny bikinis and bra-baring tees, but perhaps the most fitting complement to her toned midsection is the strappy crop top that Ratajkowski donned for a day “poolside.”


The model and actress chose an Essentials for Zula wrap top for a day in paradise, pairing the revealing shirt with low-rise white jeans, round sunnies (shop a similar pair here) and a Carolina Santa Domingo raffia tote ($575; modaoperandi.com). The best part? Her strappy crop top has a retail price of just $38. That, my friends, is what we call a win-win.


This isn’t the only body-baring snap Ratajkowski wore this weekend. While enjoying a tropical vacation, the star rocked a white thong string bikini that showed off her every curve (shop a similar style here).

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Keep doing you, EmRata.


[MUSIC] Welcome [UNKNOWN] Joshington Hosts, and today I'm in Paris with Erlie Rotokowski. Hi, babes. Hi. You're like a model, an actress, and now, you're a designer as well. As well, is there anything you can't do? My God, thank you very much. Yeah, I'm not that good at cooking. Okay, so I won't be coming around for dinner any time soon. No, please don't come for dinner. You are now a designer, which is incredible. The new bag range, love it. Thank you. But if you were gonna sell this amazing bag on you right now on a French shopping channel using a French accent. Could you sell it for Me down the camera. Well, I think the bag is, it's very beautiful, it's very classic. I would say like a style from the 60s, but modern, for a cool girl. That is the sexiest French accent I've ever heard. I don't know. No longer gay. Okay well I really appreciate that. Bringing us back to this beach style now they are like my instagram holiday goals personified. Thank you I hope you have a wall of them to like reference, to say, okay, yeah. Literally last week I was like girls, I need to look like this from behind. I bet you did. I might need to see those actually. I'm super down. But what's your tips in nailing those ultimate Instagram posts, do you think? You've gotta have friends who have your back. You have to train them, I feel. Sometimes you have to give some training. You know who you have to train are the straight men. So they should really have Instagram husband coaching out there, shouldn't they? I think there should be a camp where we send them away for a week, they get to talk about their feelings- [LAUGH] [INAUDIBLE]. I would love that. [INAUDIBLE] University. That seems like a lot of work. Well that you could do like first course in [INAUDIBLE], second course feminism. Maybe we'll do the order but- Yeah, yeah. We'll do it that way. If we were gonna cheat a way to getting an amazing body like yours. How often Since you have to workout with that, is it intense? Well, I mean, I'm not like a super obsessive workout person, so. Because I'm not, I mean, feel me, it's not a muscle, it's, Right. Yeah, that's soft. Like, that's me flexing. I hope he's zooming into my muscles. Are you? >Okay, so we're going to play a game of this or that from the clutch, literally. >Yes. >Always speak what's on you mind or never speak again. >Always speak what's on my mind. >Yeah. Wake up with an epic hang over, or wake up with no phone. >Epic hang over, which I tend to do about once a month anyways. So, might as well just keep that one going. >What's your hangover Two Advil and a bunch of water and an English breakfast if I'm in the UK [UNKNOWN] sausage. Yes, my goodness and those beans, so important, so crucial. Would you rather have a a permanent wedgie, or never wear a bikini again? Permanent wedgie. Never wear bikini again. I'll get away with a one piece. Sing a duet with Harry Styles or Drake? Sorry, Harry. Sorry Harry [INAUDIBLE]. Would you rather have perfect makeup forever or no makeup and an amazing **** forever. I think amazing ****. Let's be real. Let's be real. Donald's first day. And Monica from Friends frizzy hair on the first day? McDonald's. Would you rather eat the same meal for the rest of your life, or have to hear Blurred Lines every single hour of every single day? Eat the same meal. [LAUGH]
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