Ellie Goulding Says Music Festivals Don't Have Enough Female Headliners

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Ellie Goulding takes a stand for the ladies.

On Saturday, the "Love Me Like You Do" chart topper, who has headlined major music festivals around the world, from Lollapalooza to Glastonbury, took to Twitter to air her disappointment with the dearth of women featured in these shows.

"Still so proud as a female artist to be headlining [sic] and playing festivals around the world every single year," the British songstress tweeted.


She then called out the lack of her female peers on the festival circuit, writing, "Need to give myself credit sometimes as I've been doing this nonstop for over seven years. I don't see many females at these festivals."


"I'll [sic] just keep doing what I do," she concluded her thoughts with a bright yellow-filtered photo of her playing the guitar in front of a large crowd.


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While recent fests saw female powerhouses, like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Florence + the Machine take the stage, Goulding knows that the industry still has a long way to go before it completely bridges the gap.


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