Elle Fanning Ditches Red Carpet Glam for Grunge in Teen Spirit


​Elle Fanning is almost unrecognizable in a new image from her upcoming film.

The actress is currently shooting Teen Spirit, and left her princess dresses at home in favor of '90s grunge. On Wednesday, Fanning posted a photo of the film's rehearsals, where she can be spotted singing onstage and tapping into her inner rock star.

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The 19-year-old's tousled bob channels Courtney Love, but her ensemble is athleisure to a tee, with a white cut-out T-shirt, grey sweatpants, and low-top sneakers. In the snap, Fanning is joined by the film's writer and Handmaid's Tale actor Max Minghella, who's wearing a similar getup.


the pop sensation has begun #teenspirit rehearsal 🎤

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"The pop sensation has begun #teenspirit rehearsal," Fanning captioned the photo. We aren't sure if the rocker attire is from her own personal wardrobe, or if it's part of her character, Violet's, costume. However, one thing we know for sure is that the actress has never looked so casual.

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Teen Spirit isn't set to hit theaters until 2018, but perhaps we'll see Fanning tapping into her character's edgy style on the red carpet in the near future. Like everything else, grunge wears well on the style maven.


[MUSIC] [LAUGH] There I am. That's me. I think I was at the Venice Film Festival and I'm pretty sure I was like 12 years old. I was like I was going to Venice with Sophia Coppola. She's such a Fashion, I got to talking like mom I have to look good like all the clothes have to look great. I got that dress at opening ceremony. I was super into socks like when I was 12 years old. I would wear like the weirdest socks since I paired it with this lace maroon socks and my dock martins. I loved clunky shoes. I was always going for clunky shoes with the feminine dress. [LAUGHING] That's me. That was at The Cat in the Hat premiere and actually I specifically remember that dress because I completely ruined it. I went to the after party and I was really sick and I threw up all over that dress and I had to, we had to go home and my mom Didn't took it to the dry cleaners but I don't know if it survived, but it looks good enough photo, little me [LAUGH] couldn't hold it together. That one was at the Twilight premier which I was a huge Robert Pattinson fan, so it was a very big deal that I got to go. [LAUGH] That was a Prada look from my sister, invited me to go, I was like well I have to get And like, the best outfit to wear. I remember seeing that, and they're like, oh you know talk to the stylist, whatever. And she got it for me, and then I was like, but where are the shoes? I have to wear the giant, clunky, platforms. Like that's the whole reason to wear the outfit. So I got to wear the whole deal, and Mrs. Prada Gave me those shoes. She let me have them, so I still have them. It was very nice. That one was at a Rodarte dinner, who I am super close with Kate and Laura, and I love them so much. And my first Rodarte item Was a pair of Rodarte pants. Those are actually, they're like track suit material. They don't look like it, but they're actually sweatpants. So I literally wore sweatpants to their dinner. That's one of my favorite looks, I love them, I'll always wear Rodarte pants.
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