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Proof that Electrolysis Is Actually Pretty Affordable 

Proof that Electrolysis Is Actually Pretty Affordable 
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A lightbulb realization we just had: Electrolysis is way cheaper than we once thought. Our Kardashian-watching brains (don't judge) had estimated about $5,000. But in reality it's more like $150 paid in increments (depending on the person and the body part, of course).

Here are ten other things in your life you're probably splurging on—and could totally skip for a lifetime free from shaving your face or bikini line or armpits.

1. A girls' night out. Cue "I’ve got this round" (too many times to count).

2. A fiddle leaf fig tree. So chic. So Pinterest-y. So probably gonna kill it anyway.

3. A wacky facial. Blood? Electricity? Beauty crazes are weird. And onetime only.

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4. A keratin treatment. Humidity’s best friend. Wallet’s worst enemy. Salon's guaranteed seat-filler (every eight weeks).

5. A weekend at a B&B. Antique canopy beds aren't really big enough for two people to begin with.

6. A case of rosé. Maybe there is such a thing as too much pink wine.

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7. A spray tan in the winter. Nobody will believe you were in St. Barths unless you 'gram it. So stop trying to fool everyone.

8. A pair of Manolo Blahniks. Which will last through 2019: hot-pink pumps or a baby-smooth upper lip?

9. A kilim rug. Home trends pass, too, ladies. Remember chevron?

10. A year’s worth of razor-blade refills. If anything can justify saying sayonara to body hair once and for all, it’s this.

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