Editors Reveal Their Favorite Scented Beauty Products

Editors Reveal Their Favorite Scented Beauty Products
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Of course the number one question we ask when we try a new beauty product is: Does it really work? But we’d be lying if we said that fragrance doesn’t go a long way to win our hearts. So here we confess some of our favorite beauty goodies that we adore for their divine signature scents.

The YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm


“The YSL Volupte Sheer Candy Glossy Balm smells bright and fruity. While I don’t typically gravitate toward those sweet, delectable scents, the peachy aroma never fails to put a smile on my face."—Angelique Serrano, Beauty Director

$37; sephora.com

Charlotte Tilbury Charlotte's Magic Cream


“Attention Charlotte Tilbury: Please turn your Magic Cream into a body lotion. The frangipani-loaded formula smells (and feels) so good, I find myself head-shoulders-knees-and-toes’ed up in it, scraping the bottom of the jar long before a reasonable person should.“—Maura Lynch, Senior Beauty Editor

$100; nordstrom.com

MoroccanOil Luminous Hairspray


“As soon as my hair is done, I spray it all over with MoroccanOil Luminous Hairspray. It has the perfect hold—never too sticky for my fine hair – but most of all I love the smell. Without fail, someone will ask me what perfume I’m wearing after I spritz it on.”—Selene Milano, Senior Beauty Editor

$10; nordstrom.com

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Oribe Côte d’Azur Luminous Hair & Body Oil


“This hair and body oil does body duty by moisturizing both strands and limbs but the best part is the notes of bergamot, jasmine and sandalwood—it smells sexy without being overpowering. I typically have to stop myself from applying copious amounts so I don’t turn into a greaseball.”—Sheryl George, Beauty Editor

$72; oribe.com

Benefit Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist


“Face mists are a big part of both my morning and nighttime skincare routines—I feel like they help the products I layer on top absorb a little better, and I’ll even spray one on mid-day at my desk to sort of refresh my makeup. Second to the insane glow it gives my skin, I love the scent of Benefit’s Ultra Radiance Facial Re-Hydrating Mist. Back in ’97, I used to spray on the Victoria’s Secret Honeysuckle Belle fragrance like it was my job, and the subtle lotus aroma of Benefit’s face mist mirrors the notes well enough for me to get a little nostalgic.”—Marianne Mychaskiw, Associate Beauty Editor

$26; ulta.com

Chanel Hydra Beauty Serum


“Chanel's Hydra Beauty Serum is one of my all-time favorite daytime moisturizers. It’s light enough to sit unobtrusively under my makeup, but packs a powerful dose of hydration in the form of hyaluronic acid. As for the scent, it shares the same fresh, slightly powdery aroma as much of Chanel skin care. (It’s thanks to camellia extract, one of the brand’s signature ingredients.) The fragrance is so distinctive, I’d bet I could sniff out Chanel even if I was blindfolded.”—Dianna Mazzone, Beauty Assistant

$98; chanel.com

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