Editor-Tested: Does Conair's Curl Secret Really Create Uniform Ringlets? Watch the Video To Find Out

Editor-Tested: Does Conair's Curl Secret Really Create Uniform Ringlets? Watch the Video To Find Out
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We've tried out almost every hair tool on the market, but when Conair's Curl Secret ($100; ulta.com) arrived at the InStyle offices, we were intrigued. The tool claims to form defined, uniform ringlets by pulling a section of hair into the innovative curling chamber, so we asked InStyle.com Assistant Editor Marianne Mychaskiw to try it out and film a short Vine video of the process. Read on to see how it works, and what she thought.

"A few nights ago, I mistook an infomercial for Conair's new Curl Secret tool for a regular commercial without realizing until a good ten minutes into the broadcast, but I'm actually glad that I did. How else would I have seen it in action? The product is completely new for the hair category, but if I had to classify it, I'd consider it a cross between a curling wand and a rotating hair iron like the InStyler. You simply take a section of hair, brush through it so that there aren't any tangles, then insert it into the curling chamber. The tool will draw in your hair to wind it around a heated rod, and after a few seconds, the product will beep to let you know that the shape has been set. Easy enough -- just remember to completely brush through your hair before feeding it into the tool. I neglected to do so when I first tried out the Curl Secret, and kept thinking of the now infamous YouTube hair tutorial mishap as senior beauty editor Selene Milano and I frantically tried to untangle my strands before they got burned. Despite the rough start, I was able to get the hang of it, and ended up with perfectly defined curls after only a few minutes. My hair is pretty thick, so creating the same effect with a regular curling iron would have taken twice as long. I'll definitely be incorporating this tool into my regular hair routine, but after giving my layers a thorough brushing, of course."

Scroll down to see the Conair Curl Secret at work!

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