Christina Shanahan
Oct 02, 2015 @ 4:15 pm

I use Uber to call cabs, Seamless to order meals, and Glamsquad to book blowouts, so when my husband and I brought home our new pup--a border collie mix named Harper--I took the obvious first step into the world of dog ownership and reached for my iPhone. Not surprisingly, there are countless apps dedicated to taking care of (and having fun with) four-legged friends. After some serious "research," I made room on my homescreen for these handy tools that help me keep my dog-parenting skills on point--and deliver a major dose of cuteness.

Bring Fido


Arriving at a park or a store with your pup only to find "no dogs allowed" signage is a total bummer. One can only make so many trips to the pup-friendly treat bar at PetSmart, so download this clever app that let's you search by GPS location for all nearby pet-friendly venues, from outdoor spaces, to stores and restaurants, to hotels.

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Map My Dog Walk


Track the steps you're logging on daily dog walks, save favorite routes, and ensure that your pet is getting the right amount of exercise. This one is definitely more effective for adult dogs than puppies who are just learning the ropes (case in point: my first attempt the week after adopting our dog which yielded a whopping .001 miles). But once your pet is leash trained, consider it an incentive to burn some extra cals.



Super handy for last-minute trips or long days at the office when your dog walker cancels at the last minute, this app connects you with professionally-vetted and insured pet sitters in your area. Select whether you're looking for an overnight stay or doggy daycare, browse profiles of the sitters closest to you, then book and pay online.

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Dog Boogie


Okay, so this one isn't going to may your life easier, but it will make your Instagram feed significantly more adorable. The in-app camera feature makes noises (think high-pitched whistling and cats meow-ing) intended to capture dogs' attention and prompt them to paw the touch screen and trigger the camera. No filters needed here.

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