Watch Ed Sheeran Sing “Dive” to a Baby Girl Named After Him


What would you do if Ed Sheeran dedicated a song to you at a show?

That’s what happened to Cooper Sheeran Smith (yep, you read her middle name correctly), an adorable fan who caught Ed's latest show at the American Airlines Arena on Wednesday in Miami. Yes, Cooper Sheeran was likely smitten, but guys—she’s only one month old!

In an Instagram post shared by Cooper Sheeran’s father, Rocky, we see Sheeran singing in front of Cooper, Rocky, and his wife, Harmony. After hearing someone shout, “Her middle name is Sheeran!” the singer points to them and says, “How old is she? One month? Her middle name is Sheeran? I’ve never seen a baby this calm at a concert. Just chillin there for the whole thing and you guys have been loud, you’re singing and she’s just kinda like [looking around]…I love babies!”

He added, “What’s her first name? Cooper. We’re going to sing this song for you. The lyrics for the chorus are ‘Don’t call me baby’…I know she’s a baby,” he said. “I’m going to need all of you Miami to sing this song for Cooper right now. We’re going to sing this as loud as we can from beginning to end.”


Rocky took to Facebook to express his excitement. “Ed Sheeran we didn’t get a picture with you tonight, but you singing to my daughter was pretty amazing. We’ll see you tomorrow,” he wrote, implying they also planned to see Sheeran’s Orlando show the following night.

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Now that’s one lucky baby.


[MUSIC] We ended up at this golf course. Right. And he put a golf ball in his mouth and said, go on hit it out. No. And I was pretty mammet and then I was like, focus, focus, focus, focus, you can't hit me, you can't hit me. [LAUGH] You can't hit me, you can't hit me. What with that face? And I had this driving wedge. And I was like okay, okay, okay and I went and cracks him across the face. I was like No! [LAUGHTER] [MUSIC] [INAUDIBLE] I told you it's a sexy song. I told you it's a sexy song. [MUSIC] I'm on my way, stuck in some traffic in downtown LA. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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