Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products That Smell REALLY Good

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products That Smell REALLY Good
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Spring isn't just the season of lightweight jackets, open-toed shoes, blooming gardens and outdoor meals. It's also the one time of the year when most of us collectively partake in some kind of "spring cleaning" ritual whether it's by purging yourself of non-necessities or by scrubbing down every neglected nook and cranny in your home. To help with the latter, we rounded up our favorite eco-conscious cleaning products—Earth Day is just around the corner, after all—that smell so delightful, you'll be happy to use them regularly all year round.

Courtesy Haven
Haven's vegan Lemon Scrub  can tackle everything from bathroom floors to pots and pans, and will wake up your senses better than any alarm clock. It's the zestiest smelling product we've come across yet, making it the perfect product to jump-start your cleaning sesh.

Courtesy Murchison-Home
Typically, "his & hers" products don't come in the form of adorably packaged bathroom sprays, but we're glad they do now. These sophisticated fig-scented solutions from Murchison-Home are 100% natural and made in the U.S.A.

Courtesy Method
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Unlike most cleaning products that skew either on the floral or citrus end of the scent spectrum, Method's unique biodegradable floor cleaner is almond-scented, so you can think of nutty cakes and biscotti while you're cleaning, and then treat yourself to them when you're done.

Courtesy The Honest Co
All of these plant-based dish soaps from Jessica Alba's The Honest Company smell so good, we couldn't pick just one. With this completely non-toxic, ultra-concentrated solution, a little bit goes a long way and shouldn't be restricted to the kitchen: It works great as a car cleaner, hand soap and puppy shampoo, too!

Courtesy Mrs. Meyers, Vaska and The Good Home
Peony, geranium, hyacinth, lilac, honeysuckle and lavender: Sounds like a lush bouquet of flowers, but it's actually an incredibly floral assortment of laundry products that will make your textiles smell like a blooming garden. It's no surprise that Mrs. Meyers' plant-based yummy Geranium line is a best-seller for the brand, and their new Peony goods are just as dreamy. For your sheets, try Vaska's all-natural lavender detergent for a peaceful sleep (lavender is a natural relaxing agent). And The Good Home Co's sulfate-and-paraben-free Spring Laundry Fragrance set makes a perfect housewarming or hostess gift, but it'll be hard not to keep it for yourself.

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Courtesy Caldrea
This new Pear Blossom Agave scent from Caldrea is the kind you're going to want to stock up on in all their paraben-free cleaning categories. Pick yourself a countertop spray and you'll find any excuse to use it.

Courtesy Common Good
Brooklyn-based company Common Good's elegantly-designed bottles are as pretty to look at as they are to smell, and are made from less than 5 ingredients. Check out their unique Bergamot and Coriander lines, which have subtle floral and spicy notes and smell like a cozy cup of tea.

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