Drew Barrymore's Flower Cosmetics: "Happiness Is The Best Makeup!"

Drew Barrymore's Flower Cosmetics: "Happiness Is The Best Makeup!"
Sara Jaye Weiss/ StartraksPhoto.com; Courtesy Photo

The wait is over: Drew Barrymore’s makeup line is now in stores! InStyle.com caught up with the star, whose many years in front of the camera taught her a thing or two about quality makeup ingredients. "I will fight for the better formula, and since the ingredients we use are so fine and prestigious, the colors will stay there," Barrymore told reporters at the New York launch for the line. "I also wanted to design a campaign I thought was happy—happiness is the best makeup!" We think so, too! Flower cosmetics, which is available for just $5 to $14 exclusively at Walmart stores and on walmart.com, includes a full range of mood-boosting products, from nail polishes and lip colors to shadow palettes and mascaras. It also boasts one of the first quadruple-milled loose powders on the market, which creates a smooth, almost-airbrushed appearance thanks to its ultra-fine texture. Shop the full lineup now at walmart.com.

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