Why You Need to See Drew Barrymore’s New Movie Miss You Already With Your Best Friend

Why You Need to See Drew Barrymore’s New Movie <em>Miss You Already</em> With Your Best Friend
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Friendship can be a very powerful thing. And it’s the strength of girlfriends that is the subject of Miss You Already, the new drama starring InStyle cover girl Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette, in theaters November 6. In the film, Barrymore stars as Jess, the best friend since childhood of Collette’s character, Milly. Their friendship seems to endure anything and everything, until Milly gets diagnosed with cancer and Jess struggles to get pregnant. Mostly, their story proves that friendships can be tested under the most excruciating of personal circumstances. Because who else to support you through love and loss than your lifelong friend?

The idea that women’s relationships can be so complex is what drew Collette and Barrymore to the project in the first place, something we learned when we caught up with the two actresses at the Toronto International Film Festival. “The film captures something so real and true about female psychology and connection to each other,” Collette told us at the time. “Milly and Jess have a very healthy, loving, supportive friendship that feels very original and true.”

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Barrymore agrees. “This is really a film about what the definition of love is and how you love someone,” she said. “Friendships go through such ups and downs, closeness and distance, humor and anger, selfishness and realness, and quiet moments. It’s about caring for someone the most you will ever care for a human being. Friendships involve caretaking, and you see it in this movie, which is so beautiful.”


Clearly, you need to see this film with your own best friend, tissues in hand, and hugs at the ready. In fact, that’s part of Collette and Barrymore's barometer for success with this movie. “Toni and I have been the most happy when someone tells us they ran out after the film and called their best friend,” Barrymore said. Added Collette, “Ultimately the film makes you stop and appreciate what you got.”

Watch the trailer for Miss You Already below.

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