Don't Miss: The Television Debut of Girl Rising on CNN

Don't Miss: The Television Debut of <em> Girl Rising </em> on CNN
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In case you missed Girl Rising in theaters this past March, you can catch it tonight on CNN for its international television debut. The Richard Robbins-directed documentary follows nine girls from Africa to India, and illustrates how attending school is often a challenge. The film explores how a proper education can change the lives of girls growing up in underprivileged communities around the globe—and consequently change the world. Catching Hollywood's attention, Anne Hathaway, Salma Hayek (who is also our July cover girl), Alicia Keys, Kerry Washington, Meryl Streep, Selena Gomez, Cate Blanchett and others lent their voices to help narrate the inspiring film. In a recent effort to call attention to the Girl Rising movement, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, a longtime advocate for children's education, wrote an open letter to the "girls of the world" inciting the need for change and support by stating, "if we want all girls everywhere to rise up, then we must find them, befriend them and support them...If one girl with courage is a revolution, imagine what feats we can achieve together." Because, as Beyonce says, "Who runs the world? Girls." Visit to learn how you can get involved, and tune in tonight for the film's debut. Check here for local listings.

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