Dita von Teese Stepped Out to Fête Caviar at This Lavish Art Exhibition


Though Dita von Teese isn't in the business of painting or sculpting, many would call her burlesque performances and perfectly-coiffed appearance works of art.

Thus, her appearance at a lavish New York City event where beauty and art collided on Wednesday night—La Prairie's The Art of Caviar exhibition—was no surprise. Von Teese's signature pinup girl waves and red lips were present, as was her retro-inspired style.

Angela Pham/BFA.com

For the evening, the performer slipped on a floral jacquard dress from Ulyana Sergeenko. The design was fully equipped with a nipped-in waist and tea length.

Angela Pham/BFA.com

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of its Skin Caviar line, La Prairie commissioned a group of contemporary artists to create works inspired by its groundbreaking technology. That blossomed into traveling The Art of Caviar exhibition, which first showed at Art Basel in Basel. The iconic beauty brand then decided to take its show on the road—showing the pieces to the public in Paris in July.

Angela Pham/BFA.com

Among the artists are Paul Coudamy with his pieces Living Cells and Solid Frequencies, Bonjour Lab's digital work Moving Pixel, a Cinq Fruits photography series, and an audiovisual installation by TremensS.

Griffin Lipson/BFA.com

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Art and beauty lovers alike in New York City can see the works in person Thursday, Sept. 7 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at 3 West 57th Street. The exhibition will then travel to Hong Kong at the end of the month and Shanghai in November.


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