These 3 Students Just Won a Disney Fashion Competition, and You Can Buy Their Designs  

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Update: On July 14, the winners of Disney's Frozen fashion competition were announced and three students took home scholarship prizes.

The grand winner, Alice Xuan, designed two bohemian Venice beach-inspired looks that are available for purchase, while the second and third place winners, Minji Park and Jinny Song, each have one look available.

The winning designs are now available through the retailer Nineteenth Amendment. Check them out below.

Megan Taylor for Disney
Megan Taylor for Disney
Megan Taylor for Disney
Megan Taylor for Disney

This article originally ran June 16, 2017:

Move over Project Runway, because Disney is trying its hand at finding the next great American fashion designer.

The Mickey Mouse house has launched a new design competition with the Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, and it all revolves around the film Frozen.

In its first season, students created apparel inspired by the movie's lead characters for a chance to have their work created and sold on the online platform Nineteenth Amendment, which hosts independent designers. The students were given a specific Frozen character and a theme inspired by Southern California style, including "beach boho," "Hollywood glam," and "downtown chic."

WWD reports that the 11 winning pieces will retail from $100 to $300. You won't be able to buy them until July 14, but we think they'll be worth waiting for.

“The story of Frozen is known the world over, and the collaboration with Otis School of Design allowed us to create new looks inspired by its beloved characters through a Millennial fashion lens, connecting with our fans in a totally unexpected and elevated way," said Josh Silverman, executive vice president of global licensing at Disney, to WWD. "This collaboration also gave us the opportunity to provide a platform for young design talent."

VIDEO: Project Runway Fashion Show

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While you can't buy the designs yet, you can watch as they're created. In order to show fans more about how the competition ran, Disney is launching a four-part video series on the process, and the first episode is already out.

Congratulations to the winners!


[MUSIC] Jasmine, are you ready? Designers, you have 30 minutes. Can everyone take their food and put it somewhere else? We need to all get into clothes. So, I've got five ready to get dressed. Yes. Caitlin. [MUSIC] Oh my god all those people are out there. Coffee, tea over there. Coffee, tea over there. The models have their food and coffee way too close to my clothes. Come on! Quick, quick, quick, quick, quick, quick. Oh dear, it's not just in one place. Now, it's here, here, and here. Oh, no. My model poured coffee down the front of the blue sharmu. Gown, how do you get coffee stains out of charmeuse, please help me. Can anybody help me. [MUSIC] I only have about five minutes to get the rest of my models into their looks, I am scared out of my mind. Tonight It's anyone's game. Every Every challenge has led to this moment. I sacrificed everything. I wanna win. I really don't know what we're gonna do here today. We have a very big decision to make. Wow. Don't miss the season finale of Project Runway. Tonight at nine on Lifetime.
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