Did You Miss #ShoptheHangout with InStyle's Dana Avidan-Cohn and Rebecca Minkoff? Watch it Now!

Did You Miss #ShoptheHangout with <em>InStyle's</em> Dana Avidan-Cohn and Rebecca Minkoff? Watch it Now!
Alex Reside for InStyle.com

Today InStyle Senior Market Editor and Digital Correspondent Dana Avidan-Cohn joined Rebecca Minkoff  for the second-ever #ShoptheHangout, and it was a success! The thirty-minute Q&A and shopping session was moderated by Bag Snob’s Tina Craig, and other fashion industry pros from around the country got in on the fun, including Hillary Kerr and Katherine Power of Who What Wear, and Shea Marie of Peace Love Shea. If you weren't able to join the hangout, no worries! Watch it by clicking here. You'll learn how Minkoff got her start as a designer in the business, her best tips, and of course, style advice on how to look your best this holiday season from Dana and the other pros.

Plus, see the stars who love to wear Rebecca Minkoff designs!

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