8 Reasons Why Debra Messing Never Seems to Age

8 Reasons Why Debra Messing Never Seems to Age
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At 48, Debra Messing looks better than ever. Sitting down across from her, it’s clear that the actress hasn’t visibly aged since the ‘90s. That’s not to say she hasn’t worked hard—oh, she has. In fact, it’s the countless hours Messing’s committed to her career and her “off-hours” as a single parent that inspired her to adopt the many healthy habits she now swears by.

The painfully simple rule that now governs her life? Don’t skimp on sleep!

“I’m usually working so hard,” Messing told InStyle, “like Mysteries of Laura I was working 12 hours every single day, and then I would come home and be a single mom, and then have to learn my lines for the next day. So, for me, staying healthy was really about trying to catch up on sleep.”

But the Will and Grace alum’s sleep schedule isn’t the only thing keeping her fresh-faced and bright-eyed.

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