Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow Staged Their Own Mini Friends Reunion


While pretty much every former Friend agrees that a reunion will not be happening, that doesn’t mean the series’ title doesn’t apply to real life! 

Two of the sitcom’s core 6, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox, both 53, stirred our sense of ‘90s nostalgia when they met up for dinner in L.A. on Tuesday. (Cue "I'll Be There for You"—get ready for that clapping sequence!)

Courteney arrived at The Palm in Beverly Hills wearing a Parisian-inspired ensemble, comprised of a white sweater with navy stripes, cropped jeans, a buttery leather satchel, and beige Chanel cap-toe pumps (shop a similar look here).

Kudrow met up with her former co-star while wearing a silky black tunic, flare jeans, and sandals, her long blonde layers loose at her shoulders.

The pair kissed goodbye as their dinner date came to an end—so cute!

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It warms our hearts that these Must See TV icons are still so close 13 years after their show wrapped on NBC. It’s not a full Friends reunion, but we’ll take it!


[MUSIC] We were jokingly saying that if friends was created today, you would have a coffee shop full of people that were just staring into iPhones. There would be no actual episodes or conversations. [MUSIC] [SOUND] Ross, thank God. Phebes, why are you whispering? I ate a bug. [LAUGH] [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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