Ron Jaffe/AMC (3); Courtesy Palma Kolansky
Sharon Clott Kanter
Apr 16, 2013 @ 5:30 pm

"It’s all about the ladies being bold," Mad Men's costume designer Janie Bryant told of her approach to the latest episode, which aired Sunday, April 14. And she delivered: Peggy exuded authority in her deep purple three-piece design, while Sylvia radiated elegance in a vintage blue dress. Meanwhile, Megan returned to her cable-knit sweater to deliver bad news her new pal. "Megan wore this cable-knit a lot last year, and she wore it when she was depressed," Bryant explained. "Because this scene was so sad, and Megan was sad in the scene, I wanted to repeat the sweater." She added a modern twist, just to change with the times. "She’s grown from struggling actress to now being in a soap opera, so I added a collared blouse and wool plaid pants, which is very modern for the period." Click the photo to get more behind-the-scenes detail, straight from Bryant!

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