Costume Designer Insider: The Scoop on Mad Men’s Season 6, Episode 10 Looks

Costume Designer Insider: The Scoop on <em>Mad Men’s</em> Season 6, Episode 10 Looks
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This week's episode of Mad Men put the differences between Peggy and Joan on full display—there are different in both how they act and how they dress. "They definitely have two different perspectives, two different ways of conducting business, and two different ways of handling situations," the show's costume designer Janie Bryant told exclusively. "I love both characters, but that really is reflected in their costume design. They couldn’t be more different. In that episode, we have so many of those moments." For example, when Joan is in a floral design, Peggy is in a mustard dress. When Joan is in a fitted aqua suit, Peggy is in a checked linen jacket. And that's not all. Click through the gallery to get more inside scoop straight from the costume designer.

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