Illuminate Your Eyes On the Go with a Genius Correcting Pen

Illuminate Your Eyes On the Go with a Genius Correcting Pen
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Let’s be real: With our busy schedules and early mornings, imperfections are only inevitable. However, thanks to the myriad of on-the-go pampering correcting pens, minimizing signs of aging, fatigue and dehydration is about to get a whole lot easier. We’ve rounded up our favorite tried-and-true formulas that work to conceal, correct, highlight and illuminate the eyes with a few easy swipes. Say goodbye to dark circles and fine lines, and hello to a flawless complexion. Shop our favorites below. 

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  • Touch-Up+To+Go+Concealer%2FFoundation+Pen

    Touch-Up To Go Concealer/Foundation Pen

    Lorac | $28
  • Mister+Light+Instant+Light+Corrective+Pen

    Mister Light Instant Light Corrective Pen

    Givenchy | $35
  • Correcting+Pen

    Correcting Pen

    Tom Ford | $48
  • Touche+%C3%89clat+Radiant+Touch

    Touche Éclat Radiant Touch

    Yves Saint Laurent | $42
  • Flawless+Finish+Corrector+Highlighter+Pen

    Flawless Finish Corrector Highlighter Pen

    Elizabeth Arden | $28
  • Remedy+Concealer+Pen

    Remedy Concealer Pen

    Marc Jacobs | $39

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