The Secret to Conan O'Brien's Hairstyle? "Spackling Compound and Nutmeg"

The Secret to Conan O'Brien's Hairstyle? "Spackling Compound and Nutmeg"
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As the host of Conan on TBS and arguably one of the greatest working comedians today, Conan O’Brien is celebrated mostly for his jokes—but there's another trait that rarely goes unnoticed: his shock of red hair.

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So what’s the secret to O'Brien's iconic quiff? “It’s made of wood,” he joked to InStyle. “It’s made of a powerful—hairspray. There’s an old trick that I came up with and it’s a combination of ingredients. I can’t give you the exact ingredients because I don’t want my competitors to steal it.”

Thankfully, O’Brien relented. “You get some spackling compound, and nutmeg is important. And yeah, you want to use mustard and you want plaster of Paris. I use a caulking gun, and the center of this thing is filled. It’s like a French pastry. It’s filled with a delicious crème fraîche.”

So now you know.

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