Claire Foy Would Rather Not Relive These Scenes from Season 2 of The Crown


The Crown fans, it sounds like we’re in for a rather bumpy Season 2. While the relationship between Queen Elizabeth (Claire Foy) and her husband, Prince Philip (Matt Smith), was by no means perfect in the first season—often seeming to insinuate that Philip had not been faithful to his wife—but according to the actors, it’s going to go even further downhill.

“In Season 2, it gets a bit hairier,” Smith told Variety of the new episodes, which focus mainly on Prince Philip. “In Season 2, there are scenes I would never want to relive,” Foy added.

We’re genuinely scared of what we’re going to see go down between these two royals. Could this be a warning to Queen Elizabeth, urging her not to watch Netflix’s second season?

Either way, we’ll only have a few more episodes to watch the chemistry between Foy and Smith because even if there is a Season 3 of The Crown, they will be replaced by older actors, as the show jumps forward in history.

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Season 2, which spans approximately 10 years until 1964, is expected to hit Netflix later this year.


[MUSIC] The less you do, the less you say. Or think or feel or breathe or exist. [MUSIC] My name is Elizabeth. Long live Queen Elizabeth. [MUSIC] You've taken my career from me. You've taken my home. You've taken my name. [MUSIC] I thought we were in this together. [MUSIC] You're my wife or my queen? I am both and a strong man would be able to kneel to both. I will not kneel before my wife. You're wife isn't asking you too. The Queen commands me. Yes. I beg you make an exception for me. No. [MUSIC] The crown must win, must Always win. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]
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