Chris Pratt & Bryce Dallas Howard Make Kids' Day at Children’s Hospital


Jurassic World costars Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt took a moment away from shooting the franchise’s latest chapter in London to do good.

The pair spent their downtime at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital where both stars shared a photo from their visit to with a patient named Elle.

“Bryce and I had the tremendous pleasure of spending some time with our new buddy Elle and a few other patients at Great Ormand [sic] Street Children's Hospital in London. I'll never fail to be moved by the unbreakable spirit of a child. #godisgood Psalm 107:8-9 Let them praise the LORD for his loving kindness, for his wonderful deeds to the children of men! For he satisfies the longing soul. He fills the hungry soul with good. No doubt. Today my longing and hungry soul is filled,” Pratt captioned the image.


Dallas Howard posted the same photo with a similar sentiment: “So great meeting this sweet soul and many other strong, little warriors today at @greatormondst. #EllesWishes.”

Pratt followed up his initial post with a group photo featuring himself, Bryce, and the staff at Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. “Huge shout out to the loving staff at the Great Ormand [sic] Street Children's Hospital. Thank you for all that you do!!! #angels,” the actor wrote.

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We’re sure so many children’s days were made with the stars’ sweet visit. Keep spreading the joy, you two!


So Chris Pratt made his first trip to Los Angeles to pursue his dream of becoming an actor when he was just 20 years old. And of course he was totally stoked when he had his first LA celebrity sighting. Turns out Chris was in a bar and spotted none other than. Lance Bass, I was like, I'm like damn dude. [LAUGH] This is happening. And then the DJ put on, Ain't no lie, baby, bye, bye, bye. Oh, really. And my brain was like, [NOISE]. [LAUGH] And I knew, I knew like I was in the City of Angels, baby. Wow, if we saw Lance Bass and Bye, Bye, Bye started playing in the background, we'd totally lose it. Bye Bye Bye indeed. Chris couldn't muster up the courage to actually talk to Lance but it's still an amazing story none the less. And we're sure nowadays, Lance will be pretty excited to spot Chris out in public. The Parks and Rec alum is currently promoting his newest film, Jurassic World, and he has two more movies in the works that are scheduled to be released in 2017.
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