Chloe and Halle: "We Aim To Push Boundaries."

Chloe and Halle: "We Aim To Push Boundaries."

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It’s a well-known fact that Beyoncé’s protégés are indeed teenage sister pop duo Chloe and Halle Bailey, who are always down to chat about the woman we can all agree to love.

The musical pair hosted the Asos Magazine holiday issue party at Eveleigh in L.A. on Sunday (they’re on the cover) and it’s there that the talents opened up about Queen Bey.

“We feel so blessed to have Beyoncé in our lives because she has always told us to stand in our creativity and to keep going. We make music that you don't hear a lot. It's different. It's not regular to the average ear, and that's what we want to do we want to do. We aim to push boundaries, and Beyoncé has always told us keep doing that,” Halle told us.

Chloe shared similar sentiments and spoke about Beyoncé's influence on their music. “I love her because she always pushes us to reach greater heights, and I love that about her because she does that with herself, but she also allows us to figure it out on our own and find our own voice,” she said.

As for whether they’ve met twins Rumi and Sir Carter, the answer is yes. “We have! Beautiful children,” Halle said.

Chloe added: “She’s an awesome mother.”

Inside the event, the sisters told us they were going for an “’80s theme” when it came to their outfits, similar to that of their cover shoot. “We kind of wanted to go in that same direction tonight because it’s fun, and we feel so comfortable in these little suit jackets,” Halle, who wore a hot pink ASOS blazer ($80; with a matching button-up skirt ($45; and a Gucci tee, said.

Chloe, who wowed in a matching pink ASOS blazer ($76; with coordinating wide-leg trousers ($35; and a black bandeau top said, “Instead of heels, we did sneakers tonight because it’s just our friends and family and we wanted to feel’s going to be a fun night.”

“They just bring sunshine and joy and that’s what I want to be putting out there. They bring the happiness and positivity that I want to bring across,” ASOS Magazine Editor-in-Chief Francesca Babb told us.

Yara Shahidi, who interviewed Chloe and Halle for the issue, sat with them and more of the Grown-ish cast in a structured polka-dot top and jeans. The group shared laughs at their table as Halle snapped photos of them and they toasted with signature Chloe and Halle mocktails.

VIDEO: Behind the Scenes of Chloe x Halle's InStyle Shoot

“What I love about Asos is not only the clothes, but how they're not afraid to talk about certain issues and bring awareness to that,” Halle said, as she continued to dish on their shoot and interview with Shahidi. “It’s just fun, it's youthful, and it definitely speaks to our generation. Kids like us are not afraid to express themselves through clothes and style and Asos freely allows them to do that, and there’s great options to choose from.”

As the event drew to a close, Chloe and Halle continued to mix and mingle with their family and friends, and clowned around with the Grown-ish cast at the Asos photo booth. Guests not only left the event with jean jackets but also with satin purses stuffed with goodies and pink candies from the candy bar.

It is the season of giving as well, after all.

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