Charlize Theron's Dance Moves Are Downright Hilarious

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Charlize Theron isn't afraid to shimmy and shake for a few laughs.

On Thursday, the actress showed off her comedy chops while getting down to her new film Atomic Blonde's catchy '80s soundtrack on an episode of the Tonight Show—and we've got to admit, the platinum-haired beauty somehow makes silly moves like "Slap the Giraffe" and "The Tennis Pro" look effortlessly cool.

Dressed in a sheer black blouse, form-fitting black jeans and matching stilettos, the Academy Award winner brought the heat as she faced off against Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon.

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After Theron started things off on a high note by slaying her interpretation of "Slap the Giraffe," the late night funnyman admiringly commented, "How do you make that look cool?" He then scoured the ground for his missing phone with a rendition of the "Where's My Phone?"

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Watch Fallon get served when the actress shows off her action movie-level moves with "The Tennis Pro" and a team effort finale of the "Double Kayak" in the hilarious clip above.


This right here. We're going to take turns hitting this here button which will randomly select a never before seen dance move. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] And in honor of Atomic Blonde, the songs we'll dance to will all be 80's themed and from the movie sound track. [APPLAUSE] [MUSIC] [MUSIC] That's a wrap. How can you make that look cool? I [MUSIC]
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