Charlize Theron Hung Out with the Cast of Cats—Because Why Not?


As it turns out, a day in the life of Charlize Theron isn’t too different from that of your first-time N.Y.C. tourist.

The Oscar-winning actress spent her Saturday chilling backstage with the cast of Broadway’s Cats—because why shouldn’t she?

Clad in a little black dress with a scalloped sheer covering and matching sandals, Theron posed with three cast members from the long-running musical: Christine Cornish Smith, Tyler Hanes, and Andy Huntington Jones.

Bruce Glikas/Getty

Although there remains little available backstory behind this picture (my new cover photo), it’s a known fact that when one is given the opportunity to hang backstage with the cast of Cats, one does not say no. I mean, think of all the memories (all alone in the moonlight…).

Bruce Glikas/Getty

Maybe Charlize is doing some research for a live-action talking cat film, à la Kevin Spacey in Nine Lives? Or perhaps the actress is gearing up for a Catwoman remake?

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We have many theories, though one remains grounded in fact: Charlize Theron is the coolest cat around.


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