Celebrity Holiday Shopping Strategy: Andie MacDowell

Celebrity Holiday Shopping Strategy: Andie MacDowell
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Overwhelmed by your holiday shopping list? This season, the tastemakers of Hollywood are here to help you shop! We asked celebs for their best shopping strategies, and they answered with aplomb.

How does Andie MacDowell accomplish her holiday shopping? She doesn’t. Instead, she and her three kids give to charity. “I have certain people on my list I send something to,” MacDowell tells InStyle. “Last year I gave to charity and then I sent notes to all those people." Now that’s some holiday spirit!

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“My kids and I quit giving gifts a few years ago because we just wanted to be together and we didn’t want it to be about presents,” she continued. But they can’t help to give each other a little something. “It is kind of hard, so we usually have a stocking and we all put one thing in it.” Cheers to bringing the family together!

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