Steven Tyler is fearless with prints, and, evidently, Liv Tyler is too. He wore a lace-up, leopard-print top on stage at an Aerosmith concert in 1976. Cut to 2015 and she topped off her denim ensemble with a wild statement-making coat. 

Alo Ceballos
InStyle Staff
Dec 21, 2015 @ 3:30 pm

Celebrity kids are making major names for themselves. Besides starring in movies, becoming top models, and creating amazing music, these children of famous parents are killing the fashion game.

We hear all the time about celebrity daughters following in their mother's footsteps when it comes to fashion. (Demi Moore and Rumer Willis? Basically twinning.) But the daddy's girls are also taking major style pointers from their famous fathers.

Rockstar dads like Steven Tyler and Lionel Richie have been notoriously known for not only their major strides in the music industry, but also for their wild style. Richie is famous for rocking an armful of bangles and bracelets, a trend that fashionista and daughter, Nicole Richie has adopted from him. Tyler is known for his out-there style, and his actress daughter Liv Tyler takes trends from her father and makes them her own, like trading in his tight, lace-up leopard top for an understated yet fashion-forward leopard coat.

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