Cat Deeley Is Her Own Personal Stylist

Cat Deeley Is Her Own Personal Stylist
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We look forward to So You Think You Can Dance every week as much for Cat Deeley's fashion choices as for Mia Michaels's choreography—the bubbly British host has a body to die for and is known for working the hottest trends on the show. But something's different this season, as Cat's look changes dramatically from show to show, from quietly classic one week to completely over-the-top another. Turns out there is reason why! Deeley tells Entertainment Weekly that she is styling herself this year. "I want people to have an opinion about it—to either love it or hate it," she says.

"With the kids dressed like angels and devils or matadors or demons, I would look completely ridiculous if I was standing there in jeans and a vest." Despite the change, one thing still rings true—Cat is still on the hot tamale train when it comes to style.

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