Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher Celebrated Their Seventh Anniversary with a Social Media Love Fest

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Seven years have flown by for Carrie Underwood and her husband, Mike Fisher.

And on Monday, the parents of 2-year-old Isaiah, celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary with a social media love fest that gave us all the feels.

The couple proved that they are just as smitten with each other now as they were when they first tied the knot back in 2010. The country superstar took to Instagram to share an adorable selfie with her hubby, and her message was even sweeter. "Celebrating 7 years with this amazing man. How am I so blessed to share this life with you, @mfisher1212? Here's to so many more years and memories together..." she captioned the too-cute photo.

The NHL athlete also piled on the love for his bride of nearly a decade, writing: "Glad I took a chance on this babe 7 years ago. Turns out she's the best wife, and mom to Izzy, I could ever dream of!! #happy anniversary." The love note was posted alongside a photo of the "Cowboy Casanova" chart topper gazing into the camera while wearing a romantic off-the-shoulder top.

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The lovebirds' adoration for each other, on and off social media, is no secret. The "Dirty Laundry" songstress surprised her husband and his teammates with a National Anthem performance, while the Nashville Predators star melted our hearts just one month earlier with adoring 34th birthday felicitations for his love.

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Happy anniversary, Carrie and Mike!


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