Blake Lively's Favorite Type of Gift Is...

Blake Lively's Favorite Type of Gift Is...
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With Gossip Girl behind her, Blake Lively has her sights set on the holidays! The star, who is the face of Gucci's Premiere scent, offered her tip on picking a gift that keeps giving year-round. "I think the most important gift is something that lasts. You go through the holidays with all of your nieces and nephews and you see all the amazing toys they get, and they're just on the floor five minutes later," she said. "I think that things that last are memories—whether it's a photo album, something that was a meaningful moment, or something that you make." But if DIY projects aren't your forté, Lively suggests another option. "We all within our family would buy each other different fragrances, because it tells a story about each different time period in your life, and it's a nice identifier," she added. See what else she had to say in the video above.

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