Blake Lively’s Maternity Style Makes Our List of the 5 Fashion News Moments You Need to Know

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Don’t waste time sifting through the headlines: InStyle's fashion news director, Eric Wilson, and correspondent Jen George deliver the week’s most unforgettable news in the latest installment of our must-watch video series InStyle-Five.

The announcement of the 2016 Emmy Awards nominees reminded the stylish duo of last year’s incredible red carpet fashions and how television’s kick-butt female stars showed their strength in high-power chain-mail looks. And speaking of impeccable style, pregnant Blake Lively has definitely got it. The expectant actress, who acts as her own stylist, has been turning heads with her often custom-made maternity looks.

Another buzz-worthy actress—Jennifer Aniston—made headlines by writing an empowering essay in The Huffington Post about the objectification of women’s bodies in the media. “When you’re talking about fashion, remember you’re talking about people,” Wilson says.

Also in the news: Galaxy freckles are the latest beauty trend taking over Instagram and the new Ab Fab film definitely lives up to the hype.

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Watch the full video above and prepare to feel like a total insider, stat.


Welcome to the instyle five i'm Jen George. And i'm Eric Wilson and here is what we're talking about this week. Okay so The first step Emmy nominations. Looking at what everyone wore last year, they really brought it. Because really it's like the golden age of television right now. With these incredible roles for women like Claire Danes, Taraji P. Henson, Kerry Washington. They all featured chains or chain medals some kind of it was really tough. And I think that's a perfect representation of what's happening on Television right now is characters that really kick our ****. Speaking of women who know how to rock the red carpet Blake Lively I mean she's been out in about. Quite a bit recently because of her new film. She's also pregnant with her second child and her maternity style has been just impeccable. Well you know she's her own stylist, so it's very well coordinated. Many of these dresses were actually custom made for her, so she's. Creating looks for a very specific impact in whatever photos she's gonna be taking. Look at the Carolina Herrera dress, for example. My god. Wait I have it here. Isn't that gorgeous? You don't automatically know that she's pregnant in this picture. It's a little bit disguised. It's the opposite of what happens in the Angaro dress and the Valentino. Where she's very much showing her figure and owning this moment. Thinking of Jennifer Aniston, number three has something really important to say about the subject this week with an essay she wrote in the Huffington Post in which she really finally addressed all these rumors that have haunted her for years that she's pregnant when, in fact, she wasn't. I actually have some of the ones that sit out. The objectification and scrutiny we put women through is absurd and disturbing. We are complete with or without a mate, with or without a child. We get to decide for ourselves what is beautiful when it comes to our bodies. You know its a reminder, especially to the media, that when you are talking about fashion, remember you're talking about people. It's great to celebrate. The clothes [UNKNOWN] and the great trend and inspiring look that gives us ideas on how to get dressed. But you're representing fashion to everyone. And a lot of celebrities are tweeting their support for her. I don't know if you saw her husband did a little woman crush Wednesday here, that's pretty sweet, right? Sweet, yeah. So up next, have you heard about galaxy freckles? No, what is that? It's the latest beauty trend. It literally looks Like you have a Snapchat filter on your face at all times. And why would you want to do this? Because it's fun. Maybe not practical, but fun. It's a little spacey I think. I'd rather just do a Snapchat of myself I think. [SOUND] Fair. [LAUGH] So what are your plans this weekend? I'm going to go to the movies and see the new Ab Fab film. Excellent, guess what? I saw it last night, I went to the premier. You did? I brought you back a present. Patsy or Edina? Patsy. [LAUGH] Sorry. [LAUGH] Of course you're a Patsy. The film is actually really very funny, it's like an extended version of the tv show, just as funny. But with this amazing scenery and hilarious guest stars. Watch this little clip. [MUSIC] Stella, your not wearing my clothes are you? No, no, this is all TJmax, TJmax. So, that's what we've been talking about this week. Tune in next Friday for another addition of in-style five. [MUSIC].
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