Beyonce Shows Off Her Post-Baby Curves in Sexy Bodycon Dress


Queen Bey is here to slay. The singer and new mom to twins, Rumi and Sir Carter, took to Instagram to show off her post-baby curves in a very sexy dress, and she looks phenomenal as per usual. 

In the Instagram video she shared, Beyoncé gives fans a detailed look at her killer bodycon dress from House of CB ($179; The sexy off-the-shoulder number is made entirely of tulle and thanks to the ruching, it hits her in all the right places. 

Never one to skip any detail when it comes to styling an outfit for a night out, Beyoncé took her accessory game to the next level. She paired the dress with rings on every finger, gold statement earrings, a velvet green coat, and matching ankle-strap heels. While her accessories are extremely eye-catching, her beauty look was also amazing.

Beyoncé kept the focus on her hair, styling it in voluminous waves—all the better to do hair flips to Prince's "Don't Have to Be." She finished off her look by highlighting her eyes with gold glittery eyeshadow.

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We can't get enough of Beyoncé's post-baby style.



[MUSIC] Hi, I'm Kalana with InStyle, and I'm here today with L'Oreal Paris' new celebrity makeup artist Sir John, a dear friend of mine. And he's gonna teach us how to get Beyonce's signature cat eye that he creates for her. Kalana.g, what I'm gonna start doing is, is I'm gonna take a A pencil, and I wanna use silky seam by Loreal in black and brown, but you can use any black eye liner or coffee shade that happens to dry to a waterproof sensibility or waterproof property because it will adhere to your lashes and it won't move. I started with a dot somewhere in this area. Mhm. And this is gonna be the end point of my wings. But I wanna make sure that they're Too. So I'm gonna do another on this side as well. What this is gonna do, it's gonna insure that wherever you stop you end at the same area. So you have no lopsided or uneven lines. We're gonna start at the inner lash line. Right in the tear duct area. I want you to do this in three motions. If you don't do this in three steps the line won't be even. This is the best way for me to keep my lid in place as I'm drawing the line. What I want you to do is I want to lean your head back slightly [UNKNOWN] and tug at the lash line. What it's going to do it's gonna give you a flat view of how your lids look. I'm tugging at your lash line and I'm gonna finish at the point. And don't worry about mistakes ladies because what your gonna do is you're gonna do follow up with a clean Cotton bud, and clean up the line. What I wanna do is I wanna make the lines a bit more sharp by just going in and cleaning up any excess. Do you wet it, do you put make-up remover on it, or do you just use it dry? No my love, this is actually just a dry, clean cotton bud with no product. Which is gonna be one of the best erasers You can have the make-up. Now what we're going to do now is Galina we're gonna start to use brown underneath your lash lines. So you create a softer, more diffused effect. And so I want to completely saturate the lash line on the bottom, with this coffee colored eye liner. And so it's going to slightly start to meet where the black ends. To make it look more raw and undone, [MUSIC] Lightly blend away your coffee liner at the bottom. The bottom is more of a bedroom eye where at the top it's going to be a lot more crispy, a lot cleaner, a lot more of a lateral situation. And this is really one of Beyonce's staples. [UNKNOWN], this works really great for Beyonce or any performer because. An elongated silhouette to the eyes makes it appear a lot larger and makes, gives an emotional connection to Beyonce and her audience There we are. That took five minutes. Maximum impact, though. Small change, big impact. There we go. [MUSIC]
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