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Lindsay Dolak
Mar 13, 2016 @ 7:45 am

So you woke up with an hour less sleep this morning (daylight saving time happened in the wee hours at 2 a.m.). On the bright side, this change heralds the start of longer, warmer days. But come Monday, we'll be mourning our loss of that hour when it comes time to hit snooze. Fortunately, saving time is on trend all year-round, so we’ve amassed some quality tips, tricks, and hacks that will make you feel like you've stolen that precious 60 minutes back. Below, a handy guide:

Sunday night is prime time for setting yourself up for success. Make meal time a breeze by throwing together a quick grab and go breakfast the night before and then it’s off to sleep as quickly and soundly as possible in anticipation of Monday’s earlier start.

When it comes to starting your day you can simply follow some of our editors’ leads or go your own path, but be sure to avoid the dreaded “you look tired” by waking up your face even if you still feel asleep (dead) inside. It’s not too hard to get your makeup application down to five minutes and here are some multi-use products to help further streamline your routine. And even if you must go full Kardashian, keep it to five easy steps. Manage your mop with a Chrissy Teigen-inspired textured pony or skip the heat tools entirely, a move that will save you on both time and your electric bill. Also, here is a friendly reminder that side-parts work well on everyone.

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When it comes to finally slipping out of your PJs, there’s no time for trying too hard on your outfit, so keep it effortless and cool a la J. Crew or choose a go-to favorite outfit from your mental—or real life—personal lookbook like our executive editor. If nothing comes to mind, channel your inner Kendall or Gigi and fall back on the always fail-safe black skinny jeans. And nothing pairs better with black skinnies than a classic white shirt and white sneakers. Important meeting? A skirt suit is a simple and stylish way to make a statement. Add any final touches with bag and boot combos that take the guessing out of your accessories game.

If you’re still feeling the time withdrawal by the end of the day, keep dinner simple. An easy chicken soup will appease your family and your energy levels. But nothing is breezier than a quick frittata for dinner—except for maybe a three-ingredient recipe involving bacon. And why not toss in an undemanding cocktail? It’s been a long short day afterall.

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