Editor Tested: 6 Non-Greasy Hand Moisturizers

Editor Tested: 6 Non-Greasy Hand Moisturizers
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We’ve kissed our fair share of metaphorical frogs to find the perfect hand cream. The number one attribute on our collective wish list? It had to be moisturizing, but not at all greasy. We tried a boatload of the best so you could shop our favorites, below.

Fresh Seaberry Nourishing Hand Cream ($22.50; sephora.com)
"It leaves my hands soft, without a greasy cast. I keep a tube by my keyboard at work.” —Angelique Serrano, Beauty Director, InStyle

Jenna Hipp Essential Nail & Hand Cream ($36 for a set of 3; beauty.com)
"This formula is incredibly hydrating but dries matte, a texture I didn’t think possible in hand cream. I can open a pickle jar immediately after putting it on.” —Maura Lynch, Senior Beauty Editor, InStyle

L’Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream ($28; loccitane.com)
"They say one of these hand creams is sold every three seconds around the world. It’s with good reason—the creamy, rich consistency keeps my hands moisturized throughout the bitter New York winter and the chic silver tube is easy to toss in my bag.” —Selene Milano, Senior Beauty Editor, InStyle.com

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Aveda Hand Relief ($9.50; nordstrom.com)
“This stuff isn’t tacky or sticky, plus it has a soft rosemary mint scent.” —Sheryl George, Beauty Editor, InStyle

NCLA Protect Your Jewels Hand Cream ($29; beauty.com)
"This coconut-scented formula is super rich and nourishing, but doesn’t leave a greasy film that lingers on my hands or keyboard, for that matter. Plus, it’s infused with actual sapphires! I don’t completely know if it adds to the already-hydrating qualities, but it sure does make me feel like Beyoncé every time I slather it on.” —Marianne Mychaskiw, Assistant Beauty Editor, InStyle.com

Ayres Beauty Pampas Sunrise Hand Cream ($12.50; ayresbeauty.com)
“I fell for this cream based on its lemongrass scent alone, so imagine my delight when I realized the formula itself was just as pleasing. A blend of lightweight botanical oils hydrates without leaving the least bit of residue.” —Dianna Mazzone, Beauty Assistant, InStyle

shop it Non-Greasy Hand Moisturizers

  • Seaberry+Nourishing+Hand+Cream

    Seaberry Nourishing Hand Cream

    Fresh | $23
  • Essential+Nail+%26amp%3B+Hand+Cream

    Essential Nail & Hand Cream

    Jenna Hipp | $36
  • Shea+Butter+Hand+Cream

    Shea Butter Hand Cream

    L'Occitane | $28
  • Hand+Relief

    Hand Relief

    Aveda | $10
  • Protect+Your+Jewels+Hand+Cream

    Protect Your Jewels Hand Cream

    NCLA | $29
  • Pampas+Sunrise+Hand+Cream

    Pampas Sunrise Hand Cream

    Ayres Beauty | $13
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