The Best Mascaras for All Your Lash Needs

The Best Mascaras for All Your Lash Needs
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Never underestimate the power of mascara—one quick stroke can add a touch of drama, not to mention offer an instant pick-me-up on those days when you need to fake a full night’s rest. Though there are endless amounts of wands, brushes and formulas to choose from, finding one that caters to your specific lash needs doesn’t have to be a challenge.

To eliminate the guesswork, we rounded up the best mascaras based on the most common lash problems out there. If you’re trying to give the appearance of longer fringe for instance, a thin, tapered brush, like Dolce & Gabbana’s Secret Eyes Lengthening Mascara above ($31;, will work wonders to extend every last lash from root to tip. Our trusty guide will also provide you with ways to pump up the volume, add a dose of color, nourish brittle lashes and more. Click through our gallery now to find a formula that works for you!

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